Psychic readings and fortune-telling can be traced all the way back to ancient times. Astrology is an early form of psychic readings, where the belief is that there is a relationship between astronomical happenings and events in our world and lives. In ancient times, the best psychics who were able to make predictions without thPsychic Readingse use of additional systems, such as astrology, were known as psychics. In ancient times, psychics were often advisers or priests. In biblical times, they were referred to as prophets.

One historical reference to psychic readings comes in the example of Nostradamus. Nostradamus was believed to be a French prophet. He wrote collections of prophecies that have gained worldwide attention for holding truth about the future world. His book was called Les Propheties, which was written in 1555. Although controversial, many people credit him with predicting world events.

In ancient cultures, in addition to the beliefs that some people had psychic abilities, it was also believed that everyone could on occasion see future happenings through dreams.

19th Century

Modern Spiritualism became prominent in the 19th century. This was the belief that the living could communicate with the dead. The afterlife was able to be seen by spiritual people. One very famous medium in the 19th century was Daniel Dunglas Home, who was reported to be able to levitate and speak to the dead. The spiritualist movement continued to grow throughout the 19th century.

20th Century

Beginning in the 1960s, psychic readings became very popular and common. People began to advertise such services for a fee either over the phone or in person. Psychic readings became more of a pop culture phenomenon and less of a spiritual experience.

Are Psychic Abilities Real?

In the 1990s, a survey was done which found that only 4% of people believed that psychic abilities in any capacity were possible. Not surprisingly, neuroscientists were among the majority of people who discouraged the use and belief of psychic readings.

In the 2000s, the number of people who believed in psychic abilities had grown in the United States up to about one third of the population. A poll unveiled that more educated people were more likely to believe in psychic abilities than younger, less educated people. However, this same poll showed that students studying science were less likely to believe than students studying education.

In modern times, some people still believe that everyone has a psychic ability to a certain extent, and some believe it is only hereditary. Many people also believe that children have stronger psychic abilities than adults.